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PNG Plans Rates Advantages
PNG Super 39 3.9¢/ min Low Instate and International Rate, No Monthly Fee
PNG Super 45 4.5¢/ min 6 Second Billing Increment, No Monthly Fee
California Calling 3.9¢/ min 1 Minute Billing Increment, No Monthly Fee
PNG Power Dial (Mobile Dial Around) 6.9¢/ min Low International and State-to-State Rates, US Calls Billed in 6 Sec. Increments, No Monthly Fee
PNG 800 3.9¢(Bundled)

4.9¢ (Stand alone)
No Additional Cost, Get to Choose from Bundled or Stand Alone Option, No Monthly Fees
Calling Cards Get to Travel and Use it Anytime
PNG Powernet Mobile As Low as $12.99/ month Low International Rates, Different Plans to Choose from, Great Features
Dial-up Internet $12.95/ month Up to 10MB Personal Web Space, Free Technical Support, High Speed Dial-up Internet, 24 hr. Customer Service

Interstate and Intrastate

Interstate or interlata calls are calls originating from one state to another. While the intrastate or intralata calls are long distance calls made within your state, but to an area outside of your LATA or local calling area.

Usually Intrastate calls are calls made to a different area code than your own. Intralata calls are long-distance calls made within a specific area that are usually billed by your local phone company. Intralata calls are considered as a long-distance even if it is made within your same area code. Changing your intralata calling does not change your local phone service in any way. But it usually saves you a lot of money on your phone bills.

Intrastate and Intralata rates are determined by the individual states and their Public Service Commission, or their Public Utilities Commission. Each state has a different interstate rates and intrastate rate.

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